Big Business unveil «Time and Heat»

Cover photo by James Rexroad.
We are less than ten days away from the release of «The Beast You Are», the sixth full-length by Big Business. After having previously released album closer «Let Them Grind» and «Heal the Weak», the duo has now unveiled a third single from the record, «Time and Heat», which you can hear below. As drummer Coady Willis described it to Ultimate Classic Rock upon the single’s reveal, the song is a “slow burner,” further explaining that “it’s nice to have a shift in the pacing of everything. It’s not a breakneck, blasty song (…) we wanted to do a song that was a little more groove oriented, had some space, kind of different pacing than most of our other songs.” We further recommend reading the aforecited interview due to its explanation for the mellotron sound emanating from Jared‘s bass.

«The Beast You Are» is set for release on April 12 via Joyful Noise on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders may be placed here and here.

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