Leechfeast release «Village Creep» EP

No never-ending sequence of announcements, no teaser songs, just sludge of that weirdly rare proper kind. The whole promotional campaign for this damn good new Leechfeast EP consisted on a couple of posts last year regarding its recording, and a couple of others this year mentioning a spring release and the arrival of the test presses. Then again, the band has been busy with their first US tour, their guitarist just released «Why Aren’t You Laughing?» as part of GOLD, and their drummer was starting a new project in the cold vein (more about that below). All that being said, feast your ears on the two tracks that comprise «Village Creep» below.

«Village Creep» was released today, April 14, by Vendetta Records, on 12” vinyl and digital formats, both of which can be purchased at this location. Recording and mixing were done at the Galloway Studio by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt, who co-handled production duties with the band. The EP was mastered by Erwin Hermsen at the Toneshed Studio in Horst and features artwork by Horrid Habits.

After the May leg of the upcoming GOLD tour (see this piece), Leechfeast will embark on their own European tour, whose dates can be seen below and events found here.


As promised, let us now address the noise rock elephant in the room, the recently formed the cold vein. Their first digital release can be heard below and purchased in the “name your price” system here. Moreover, they’ll soon start hitting stages, with one particular date standing out, that of July 15, when they play the amazing (and still free) Valkhof Festival in Nijmegen. On that day, the festival also features the likes of The Body, Cocaine Piss, Full Of Hell, and Zeal & Ardor, among many others already confirmed and still to be announced. More information can be found here.

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