Listen to «A Single Solemn Rose» by Idle Hands

In a bit more than two weeks, Idle Hands will release their debut full-length «Mana» through reputed label Eisenwald. Since our previous piece on this release, two new instances of new information have come to light, namely, that the band has welcomed a fifth element onto its ranks as well as released a new track from «Mana». The new member is guitarist Cory Boyd, who was also part of Spellcaster alongside vocalist/guitarist Gabriel Franco, guitarist Sebastian Silva, and drummer Colin Vranizan. As for the new song, it’s called «A Single Solemn Rose» and can be heard below.

«Mana» will be released on May 10 through Eisenwald on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.


Idle Hands is currently promoting «Mana» throughout Europe. Dates can be found on the picture above, events and accompanying acts for each date can be found at this location.

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