Verdun announce «Astral Sabbath»

Gloom harbingers Verdun are set to release their second full-length, titled «Astral Sabbath». The successor to «The Eternal Drift’s Canticles» features artwork by Sinpiggyhead was recorded and mixed last spring with Cyrille Gachet, who’d previous worked with the likes of Fange and Year Of No Light, and subsequently mastered at Upload Studio by Bruno Varea, whose previous work includes Blut Aus Nord‘s last two full-lengths. Moreover, it marks the band’s first effort as a four-piece, with the latest formation change signifying the return of original singer David Sadok, replacing Besta‘s Paulo Rui, as well as the departure of guitarist Mathieu Croux.

According to the press release of «Astral Sabbath», the album is characterised by “an approach of slow and heavy music played with a punk energy and a psychedelic feel,” in which the band “shines at combining sorrowful melodies with earth-shaking riffing,” whilst displaying a preoccupation for “writing memorable tracks rather than relying on deafening volumes.” The album’s sixth track (out of seven) is entitled «L’enfant Nouveau» and can be heard below.

«Astral Sabbath» is set for release on November 15 through Throatruinner (vinyl), Deadlight (cd), and Breathe Plastic (cassette). Pre-orders can be found here (cd, digital, and vinyl), and here (cassette).

You can follow Verdun on Bandcamp and Facebook. Below, further recall the band’s previous releases, namely, 2016’s full-length «The Eternal Drift’s Canticles» and 2012’s EP «The Cosmic Escape Of Admiral Masuka».

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