Lord Mantis and the «Universal Death Church»

Five long years have passed since the last time we collectively wallowed in Lord Mantis‘ filth, a period of time which saw the band’s drummer and founder Bill Bumgardner pass away and the band cease to be. However, Lord Mantis are back, and the release of their new album, «Universal Death Church» is eminent. The band’s re-emergence is explained in the album’s press release, as quoted below.

The inevitable regeneration of Lord Mantis occurred when vocalist/bassist Charlie Fell and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Markuszewski deced to mend ties and once again join forces for a new renewed union to properly carry on the Lord Mantis legacy, mired in chaos and virulence, by honouring the memory of the late drummer/founder Bill Bumgardner with their new album «Universal Death Church».”

The band’s current formation is completed with Abigail Williams founder Ken Sorceron on guitars, who had already played in «Death Mask», Bryce Butler on drums (who has also been playing live for Abigail Williams) and long-time honorary member Dylan O’Toole (of the mighty Indian) on vocals. The band once again recruited long-time collaborator Sanford Parker to record, produce and mix «Universal Death Church», with mastering duties taken care by Collin Jordan, and the artwork created by Venien. Finally, both prolific multi-instrumentalist Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Corrections House fame and Pelican guitarist Dallas Thomas are set to appear as guest musicians. As for what to expect from the album, the band stated during the recording process (source) that “it would have been an easy album to screw up and let our past problems dictate the direction we took this record. I dont think we have ever worked better together and I know eveybody says this but i can honestly tell ya this is our best record.” Moreover, its press-release describes it as displaying a “more developed and immeasurable, vast and towering,” adding that “the threading between punishing, torturoushyet direct and at times tangible industrial-influenced riffing with the more abstract, dark, blackened surreal-like crawling and swift passages paint a new disturbing sonic portrait for the band.” Below, listen to the album’s sixth track, «Damocles Falls».

«Universal Death Church» is set for release on November 22 through Profound Lore (cd, digital, and vinyl) and New Density (cassette). Pre-orders for non-cassette editions are available at this location.

You can follow Lord Mantis on facebook and their website. Below, recall their previous full-length offerings.

«Spawning The Nephilim» was released on April 28, 2009, through Seventh Rule Recordings on cd and digital formats, the latter of which can be found here.

«Pervertor» was released on March 12, 2012, through Candlelight Records on cd and digital formats, with subsequent cassette and vinyl releases happening through Tartarus Records and Hammerheart Records, respectively. Digital copies can be found here.

«Death Mask» was released on April 29, 2014, through Profound Lore Records on cd and digital formats, and through New Density on vinyl. It can be found here (cd), here (digital), and here (vinyl).

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