Midnight release «Rebirth By Blasphemy» single

Midnight, one of the finest ambassadors for black and speed metal lunacy these days, have signed with renowned label Metal Blade and released a single, «Rebirth By Blasphemy», to commemorate the event. This happens around two years after the release of the band’s third full-length, «Sweet Death and Ecstasy», which, like «Satanic Royalty» and «No Mercy For Mayhem» before it, had been released through Hells Headbangers. The band’s mastermind Athenar humorously remarked that “well, I sent a demo tape of my band to Metal Blade Records back in 1987. It only took them 32 years to respond and guess what? They want to release a record! Patience is a virtue,” before suggesting just a small fraction of that same patience to his fans, “Now YOU WAIT until this new album comes out so you can bang your fucking skull against a brick wall while cranking the stereo at neighbor destroying volume!

In the meantime, there’s always the new single, «Rebirth By Blasphemy», which you can hear below.

«Rebirth By Blasphemy» was released on September 27 through Metal Blade on digital and vinyl formats, which can be ordered here.

You can follow Midnight on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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