The Transcendence Orchestra set to release sophomore LP

The Transcendence Orchestra, the ambient / electronic duo comprised of Anthony Child (Surgeon) and Daniel Bean is set to release its second album, entitled «Feeling The Spirit». The successor of «Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals» came about during the process of relocating the project to the Willem Twee Studios, located in the old centre of the Dutch city of s’Hertogenbosch (usually referred to as Den Bosch). As the album’s press release explains, The Transcendence Orchestra “let love slip deftly out of its gate and reverberate around the walls of the studio’s main hall, a high ceilinged former synagogue” and “working intensively to capture its echoes, they coaxed it to appear in pipes and strings, directed it through resonant circuits and shepherded it round the room with beaters, horns and rattles.” In other words, just as «Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals» could be seen as representing a period of 24 hours spent in a rural English setting, «Feeling The Spirit» is also closely connected with its place of origin. Below, you can listen to and get lost in the subtle droning of «The golden jaws of the celestial vice», the record’s fifth songs (out of a total of ten).

Once the musicians had returned to England with the recordings, “a purpose began to emerge,” the press release goes on to explain, and “through a process of extensive reconfiguration and testing it became clear that the love contained within could transform perception” and eventually serve as “a map for navigating beginnings and endings. Like some distant mesmerising chant or a psychedelic folk song, it could connect us and reassure us that we can pass through the boundaries and survive. Perhaps not intact but at least whole.”

«Feeling The Spirit» is set for release on May 29 through Editions Mego on cd, digital, and vinyl formats, which can be ordered here. It was mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung Mastering in January 2020 and edited by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnitstelle in February of the same year. The cover seen above was painted using acrylic and oil on canvas by artist Vidya Gastaldon and is titled «L’ange de l’apocalypse».

Below, recall «Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals», the first album by The Transcendence Orchestra. Originally released on December 15, 2017 by Editions Mego on digital and vinyl formats, both still available here.

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