Mare Cognitum to release «Solar Paroxysm»

Almost five years after the release of «Luminiferous Aether», Mare Cognitum have announced «Solar Paroxysm», the fifth full-length in the band’s discography. With its opener, «Antaresian», available for stream below, the album’s press release describes it as “moving from the impossible to the familiar.The description goes on to connect the author’s “frustrations with humankind and politics” to the songs, where this “more human focus” brings about a “shift in style” as well as a Jacob Buczarski‘s “flourish and mastery of songract and chosen instruments alike.”

«Solar Paroxysm» is set for release on March 19 by I, Voidhanger Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here. All recordings were done by Jacob Buczarski at the Extraconscious Records between 2018 and 2020, while the cover painting was made by Adam Burke.

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