Ved Buens Ende’s «Those Who Caress The Pale» to be reissued

Cover photo by Kim Sølve.

2019 saw the return of the legendary Ved Buens Ende, almost twenty five years since the release of their one full-length effort, «Written In Waters», with the band ending up playing a few select concerts with a new live formation, namely, with Dødheimsgard‘s Øyvind Myrvoll taking over drum duties and joining core trio of Skoll, Aggressor, and Vicotnik. This year, the band will re-release their debut demo, «Those Who Caress The Pale», originally released on cassette by Ancient Lore Creations in 1994. As the press release for the upcoming reissue states, the demo “has had a cult status for many years,” and “after a few re-issues in the distant past now is the time to honor this pioneering material by making it available again on cd and vinyl including bonus tracks and liner notes by all 3 members!” Below, you can listen to the demo, alongside its bonus tacks.

«Those Who Caress The Pale» is set for re-release on May 7 through Soulseller Records on cd and vinyl formats whose pre-orders can be found here.

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