Watch Witching’s intense hate5six captured studio performance

It’s been a bit over a year since Philadelphia based quintet Witching released their first album, «Vernal». The quintet’s sound exists somewhere between post hardcore, sludge, and death metal, with evocative vocals reminiscent of Ragana and occasional technical outbursts, thankfully at the service of enhancing the song’s instead of feeling out of place, as it often happens with this genre. This past May, the band performed for no audience at the Studio 1935 in Philadelphia, with the sound captured by Pete Rydberg and the performance filmed by hate5six. You can watch the full set below.

«hate5six X Studio 1935 Live Session» was independently released on July 19 and can be obtained here in digital format. The performance’s line-up consists of four songs from the aforementioned «Vernal», which you can revisit below, as well as the band’s new single, «A Piece Of My Story Dies With Them», released on June 1 of this year.


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