Vessel of Iniquity to release «The Doorway» and split with Thecodontion

Created in 2015, Vessel of Iniquity released a single self-titled EP during the first four years of its existence. Then came 2019 and the band released a demo, two EP, and two full-lengths. Last year saw one demo, one EP, and another full-length come out, and this year is gearing up for its first dose of noisy black death by way of an LP and a split with Italian pre-historic obsessed death metal duo Thecodontion titled «The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event».

The first one to see the light of day is set to be the former, titled «The Doorway» and described as a “new horrific experiment of overwhelming sensorial annihilation” in which “sole mastermind A. White invokes absolute Armageddon, funnelling a blinding scourge of swirling atmospheric harsh industrial and lacerating abstract black metal into forty-five minutes of pure concentrated chaos.” In short, get ready to more sonic violence along the lines of that portrayed by «Void of Infinite Horror» and «Star of the Morning». Below, witness the album’s fourth song, simply titled «Dying».

«The Doorway» is set for release on August 6 via Sentient Ruin on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location. The album was written and recorded by A. White, mixed and mastered by Stephen Henningsgard, and features artwork (seen above) by Lev.FM.

As for the latter split release with Thecodontion, it is, as the name suggests, a concept album about the so-called “the great dying,” which took place around 252 million years ago and was the largest extinction event in Earth’s history. The first side of the split comes via Thecodontion and “explores two different creatures which lived after that catastrophic occurrence, thus during the Triassic period: Thecodontosarus antiquus was an ancestral relative to sauropods; Procompsognathus triassicus was a small bipedal carnivorous theropod.” On the other hand, Vessel of Iniquity’s side is “sonically destructive, yet it features an evocative and almost poetic description of the inevitable cataclysm that occurred, putting an end to the Permian period and paving the way for new lifeforms during the Triassic.” Below, listen to «Thecodontosaurus Antiquus (The Epitome of Dinosauria)» by Thecodontion, the split’s first track.

«The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event» is set for release on September 3 via I, Voidhanger on cd and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here (digital) and here (cd).

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