Listen to «Ascension» by Vessel Of Iniquity

A couple of days ago, we wrote about Vessel Of Iniquity‘s two upcoming releases, a split with Thecodontion, which will see the light of day in September through I, Voidhanger, and a new full-length that will be released early next month by Sentient Ruin. Today, we have an update on the full-length, «The Doorway». When we wrote the piece, the band had revealed the album’s fourth track, «Dying», a brief black death onslaught lasting less than three and a half minutes. Think of that as a warm up for this new track, «Ascension», a towering beast of close to nine minutes of dissonance, frequently varying pace and generally constant unpleasantness, which we absolutely love.

Recall that «The Doorway» is set for release on August 6 via Sentient Ruin on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders are available here.

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