Koma to release «Internment Failure»

The ever excellent La Vida Es Un Mus is gearing up to release the debut LP of Koma, a recently created collective from Leeds and London. The album is called «Internment Failure» and comprises “12 tracks of brutal, unrelenting, constantly contorting and mutating hardcore – perfectly encapsulating the desperation of living in the final generations of a failed state, watching the life of the planet ebb away.” Below, witness the visceral harshness of the album opener «Turn The Screw».

We said above that the collective was recently created. To be more precise, the album was “frantically written and recorded across 2 cities within the band’s first 12 months of existence.” That first year saw them casting a “wide net of global influences,” while refusing to be “indebted to any one singular band or scene.” Two more short and sweet blasts of raw hardcore from the album have been revealed and can be heard below, namely, «Arkady» and «Impossible Altar».

«Internment Failure» is set for release on September 17 through La Vida Es Un Mus on digital and vinyl formats. It was recorded by James Atkinson at The Stationhouse and “pushed beyond the extreme” by Shigenori Kobayashi at the Noise Room. Its sleeve features artwork by Thomas Wade and text by A. Wildman. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

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