Fotocrime to release «Heart Of Crime»

Multi-disciplinary artist Ryan Patterson is set to return later this month with his third album as Fotocrime, «Heart Of Crime». On the album, Patterson “continues to explore what he refers to as ‘electric Southern Romanticism.’ It’s an album that throbs with pulsing synths, hammering drum machines, and economic guitar books.” As the artist explains, in his mind, “Fotocrime is a meeting point between cold-war Europe and mid-century Americana,” and this time around there are no Steve Albini recorded live drums, resulting in what Patterson describes as “by far the most direct and personal thing I’ve ever done in that 99% of everything on the recording it’s me.” Below, you can see the album’s cover, painted by Noelia Towers.

That is not to say that there are no guest appearances in «Heart Of Crime», as Shelley Anderson, Pall Jenkins, Janet Morgan, J. Robbins, all contribute vocals for a song or another, Aon Brasi adds bass guitar on «Skinned Alive», Erik Denno, Evan Patterson, and Nick Thieneman guitars on «Zoë Rising», «Learn to Love The Lash», and «Industry Pig», while Ben Sears, and Cater Wilson contribute hi-hats, and battle toms and cymbals on «Crystal Caves» and «Industry Pig» respectively. All this adds up to an album in which, the press release goes on to explain, “we hear the earnestness of the heartland fused with Patterson’s ties to the asceticism of the urban underground, like a post-punk Leonard Cohen. We’re also hearing an aspect of Fotocrime that’s a response and reaction to the times and available resources. It’s a record that yearns for a world outside our doors, that begs to be blasted on a massive PA in a seedy nightclub or a black-walled venue. It sounds steeped in isolation and reflection, but it reminds us of the communal experience of getting lost in a sea of people while the sound of a bass drum kicks our chests.” Below, watch the video of the album’s first single, «Delicate Prey»; directed, filmed, and edited by Katie Lovecraft.

«Heart Of Crime» is set for release on August 27 through Profound Lore on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (cassette, cd, and digital) and here (vinyl).

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