Metadevice to release «Turba»

It’s been about a year since we last heard of new Metadevice made industrialized electronics through their August 2020 release «Ubiquitarchia». Now, A. Coelho‘s (ex Sektor 304) project is about to release its fourth album, «Turba», whose title is a Portuguese word for mob or rabble. According to its press release, the new album sees the band “return to a more evident structured sense of composition, often rhythmically guided, combining a wide range of sounds from harsh throbbing synths, loops, electrified drones and even rusty-edged fuitars to build sharp industrialized music.” Moreover, in this album, Coelho finds himself collaborating with Rui Almeida, the frontman of experimental rock band NU, who adds lyrics (both in Portuguese and English), “merging his own words with appropriation from T.S. Eliot, Thomas Pynchon or Nathaniel West.” All this adds up to an album “about collective alienation, raving individualism and a deep dive into the hyperreality of our modern times. This mass movement is not a liberation, but an inexorable escalation of autophagic violence and atomization towards the void.” Below, listen to «Turba»’s opening salvo, «Mobile Vulgus». When you’re done, scroll further down and get another dose of what’s to come by way of «Espelhos de Carne», the album’s sixth song.

«Turba» is set for release on August 31 via New Approach Records on cd and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd) and here (digital).

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