Wreck and Reference release Deftones cover

As part of an upcoming compilation by The Flenser, Wreck and Reference have released a cover of Deftones‘ classic «Change (In The House Of Flies)». True to form, the Los Angeles duo added their own lyrics to the song, “about ecocide since that is the primary driver of our nostalgia. So you get two songs for the price of one, and the price is free, so it’s an infinitely good deal.” Who are we to argue this? The fantastic cover can be heard below.

The compilation it will be part of is titled «Send The Pain Below» after a Chevelle song and is a tribute to “nü metal and adjacent bands.” It will be available as part of The Flenser Series Three Membership, which you can find here. Below, find the tracklisting of the compilation, as well as the other already released song from it, Chat Pile‘s version of the Sepultura classic «Roots Bloody Roots».

1. Deftones‘ «Change» performed by Wreck and Reference

2. Sepultura‘s«Roots Bloody Roots» performed by Chat Pile

3. Kittie‘s «Paper Dolls» performed by Vile Creature

4. Slipknot‘s «Wait and Bleed» performed by drowse

5. Korn‘s «Falling Away From Me» performed by Cremation Lily

6. Chevelle‘s «Send the Pain Below» performed by Midwife

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