Listen to «Aither» by Succumb

Cover photo by Christian Shepherd.

Last month, we reported on the upcoming release of Succumb‘s second full-length, «XXI» (you can read the piece here) and showed you its first single, «Okeanos». The band has now released a new single, «Aither», through a visualized created by Kyle Bates (of Drowse fame), which you can see below. Upon releasing the single via Bloody Disgusting, the band explained that, with this song, “we wanted to precisely hone in on our sound but also make something totally chaotic & overwhelming,” adding that its lyrical themes “with cosmogony and the origin of all life.” On a further update to our initial piece, the band has recently announced that the new album will also be released on cassette format via Caligari Records.

«XXI» is set for release on September 24 via The Flenser on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here. The album will further be released on October 1 via Caligari Records on cassette format, whose pre-orders can be found here.

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