Nothing to release «The Great Dismal B​-​Sides»

One of last year’s finest releases in the lo-fi rock, shoegaze world was undoubtedly Nothing‘s «The Great Dismal». During those sessions, the Philadelphia collective recorded a couple additional songs, which will soon be released as an EP entitled «The Great Dismal B-Sides». The release is comprised of two original songs, «Amber Gambler» and «The Great Dismal», and a cover of Delfonics‘ «La La Means I Love You». Below, listen to «Amber Gambler», whose video was directed by Ben Rayner is further credited to director of photography Joe Bressler, gaffer Dom Bozzi, grip Devan Davies Wood, AC Lucas Hrabal, stylist Cece Liu, editor Mike Martinez, actors Dom Potter and Sharyl, PA Aaron Head, and executive producer Domenic Palermo.

Commenting on the upcoming release, Palermo explains that “the world disparity and surreal circumstances that occupied all corners of life while attempting to write and record this album was so overly animated that the songs couldn’t help but be contaminated,” adding that “trimming away at the layers to negotiate with time felt akin to ripping out whole chapters out of a novel. The reasoning behind having this be physically released in the first place, and a big part we left the title track off was to make the eventual and necessary connection.”

«The Great Dismal B-Sides» is set for release on October 8 through Relapse Records on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

Below, further enjoy the original 1968 version of «La La Means I Love You», as well as revisit last year’s «The Great Dismal» – never forgetting, of course, to follow the white lines.

«The Great Dismal» was released by Relapse Records on October 30, 2020, and can be found on cd and digital formats at this location.

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