Hyperdontia to release «Hideous Entity»

Three years after their well-received debut «Nexus Of Teeth», Turkish Danish death metal collective Hyperdontia will soon unleash its successor, «Hideous Entity». The album had its guitars, vocals, and bass individually recorded by the members on their own, whereas the drums were done at Djævlesound and the album was subsequently mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at the Earhammer Studio. Stylistically, we can expect a band that draws “once more from the spectral vein of old school death metal with their own crushing blend of slower mmoving extremity. Those lurking riffs that change angle rapidly into ever-evolving depths of ferocity meet a busy and incredibly able drum performance, aided by monstrous vocals to ensure the entire band has a monolithic sound of pure obliteration.” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? You can begin checking it out for yourself through the opener «Snakes of Innards».

«Hideous Entity» is set for release on November 12 via Dark Descent, Desiccated, and Me Saco Un Ojo on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd, digital, and vinyl), here (cd and digital), and here (cassette).

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