Roadburn announces first 2022 names (II) – commissions and residency

Yesterday, we began reporting on the first names announced for the 2022 edition of Roadburn (here), focusing on the GGGOLDDD performance and the curatorship of Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone. Today, we’ll talk about the commissioned pieces originally planned for 2020 that will see the light of day, as well as the artist in residence.

Getting back to that fateful edition that never happened, whatever Johannes Persson of Cult Of Luna and James Kent of Perturbator had cooked up for their «Final Light» performance is still not known, with the Cult Of Luna guitarist explaining that “even though it feels logical to pick up where we left off it’s a strange feeling having to re-learn stuff that has never seen the light of day. Everything is weird, everything is a paradox, let’s do it.” More info on «Final Light» can be found here.

The second piece is Jo Quail‘s «The Cartographer», which is set to see the acclaimed cellist join forces with Rotterdam’s New Trombone Collective. As the cellist explains, it’s “been a long wait but it feels appropriate that Roadburn takes place in the Spring because birth and new life is a good metaphor for composing new pieces,” before concluding with “whatever you think this may sound like – we encourage you to leave your preconceptions at the door; this has all the indicators of a mind-bending, immersive Roadburn experience – we can spot them a mile off; we’ve seen a few.” Read more about «The Cartographer» here.

We’ve kept this alphabetical, but it’ll be hard to hide our excitement for this one, as Vile Creature & Bismuth are set to perform «A Hymn Of Loss and Hope» for the first time ever. Since the commission was announced for the 2020 edition, Vile Creature released the beautiful «Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!» and did some of the most creative concerts during the streaming period forced upon the world by the pandemic. As Bismuth’s Tanya Byrne explains “these last couple of years have amplified the themes already present, and hopefully it will be a release for all of us; performers and audience alike,” with the festival’s Becky Laverty telling us to “prepare yourself for some heavy and experimental doom, prepare yourself for a heck of a lot of amps.” We’re ready and very, very excited (and you can read more here).

Finally, we have Full Of Hell as artists in residence. The quartet recently released the excellent «Garden of Burning Apparitions» and will be performing it in its entirety in a rather special way, as the band’s vocalist Dylan Walker explains, “we will also be performing a full playthrough of our new record «Garden of Burning Apparitions» with special guest Ethan McCarthy aka Spiritual Poison, which will be the most conclusive way to hear the album the way we intended for it to be played.” Moreover, their previous albums «Trumpeting Ecstasy» and «Weeping Choir» will also be performed in their entirety. Last but not least, they will perform a full collaborative set with Philadelphia’s Nothing as Full Of Nothing, which is bound to be quite the unique experience. Read more about all four Full Of Hell sets here.

Roadburn 2022 is set to take place in Tilburg between April 21 and 24. You can find tickets at this location.

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