Devil Master to release full-length of black and goth infused hardcore hell

Cover photo by Shang Whaley.
We wrote last year that black-goth-punk maniacs Devil Master were working on their debut full-length with producer Arthur Rizk and that the album was set for release early in 2019. Now, we can not only confirm that it will indeed be the case, but bask in the awesomeness of its title, «Satan Spits on Children of Light», while listening to its insane ninth track, «Desperate Shadow», over and over and over again, and staring into the amazing artwork seen below.

The full-length is therefore the culmination of the band’s first few years of existence, following the releases of the self-tilted demo in 2016 and of the «Inhabit The Corpse» EP in 2017, bot of which were collected in last year’s «Manifestations» compilation (available here). As explained by Devil Master guitarist Darkest Prince (who, these days, is also Integrity‘s live bassist) in the album’s press release, “we’re not pandering to any trends or other genres. It’s entirely its own thing. It’s for people to open their minds and have fun with – but also get lost in.” As for the work of producer Arthur Rizk, with whom they joined forces for for the first time in the full-length, the press release goes on to say that he “delivered the same eerie mood as the band’s early recordings, but with maximum clarity,” or, in the words of the Prince, “he knew exactly what we wanted and took it to levels we never thought were possible.”

«Satan Spits on Children of Light» is set for release on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats by Relapse on March 1. Pre-orders are available at this location. In addition the record’s announcement, artwork reveal, single release, and beginning of pre-orders, Devil Master have also created a video for «Desperate Shadow». It was edited by the sextet’s Darkest Prince and Integrity‘s legendary frontman Dwid Hellion and can be watched below.

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